Ethics for the Tax Collector


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As a municipal tax collector, you have been entrusted by your fellow citizens to
serve in their best interest. As such, you must always keep in mind that public
office is a public trust and any effort to realize personal financial gain through
your public office (other than compensation provided by law) is a violation of
that trust.

Municipal tax collectors are subject to the provisions of the Ethics Law, which
was enacted to strengthen the faith and confidence of state and local citizens
in their government and to ensure that the financial interests of holders of or
nominees or candidates for public offices do not conflict with the public trust.

This webinar explains the mandates of the Ethics Act as it relates to local public
officials and employees. It also explores and defines potential conflicts of interest
situations that public officials and employees should avoid. Actual scenarios
referencing tax collectors are presented and discussed.

CEU: 1
Instructor: Brian Jacisin, Assistant Council, State Ethics Commission

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