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MAY 23, 2017
8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
The Settlers Inn
4 Main Avenue
Hawley, PA 18428

Collaborative Approaches to Funding Fire and EMS Services (05-23-17)


Challenging economic times are placing unprecedented financial strains on the delivery of firefighting and EMS services throughout the Commonwealth. Increased collaboration and utilization of all financing and funding tools are essential to the future of these critical services. This workshop explores the state and federal legislative framework that ties local municipalities and fire companies together and also opens the door to frequently overlooked funding and low-interest financing options. With borrowing costs at historic lows, the nuts and bolts of collaborative tax-exempt financing between local municipalities and fire companies will be highlighted, as well as a discussion of the trend towards cooperative partnerships for maximizing resources and improving delivery of services.

During this workshop, instructors will discuss the following subjects with attendees:

• Delivery and Funding of Fire and EMS Services

• Power to Borrow and Tax

• Tax-Exempt Financing Options

• State and Local Grant and Loan Options

• Collaborative Partnerships

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